What Are The Main Applications Of Digital Compass?

The professional digital compasscan make up for the defects that the signal is easily blocked by buildings and other objects when the GPS is located in the city, so that it can achieve a full range of accurate positioning in conjunction with GPS and acceleration, bringing a lot of convenience to our life. So based on the characteristics of digital compass positioning has advantages, which areas can be applied to it.

Digital Compass

1, Micro-aircraft

Popular digital micro-aircrafts and a wide variety of drones are now used in the market, and digital compass positioning methods are used. This is mainly due to the fact that the digital compass can integrate three axial rotation angle measurements into one, and it can also meet the needs of designing micro-aircrafts in terms of the overall volume of the compass and its own weight, so that it can provide stable flight, Various features such as assisted navigation are escorted.

2, Robot navigation

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, cleaning robots and security robots have become more common, and the main principle that robots can realize autonomous movement is based on the accurate positioning of environmental space. Therefore, in the process of providing navigation for the robot, the digital compass chip plays a crucial role. By adjusting the three parameters of the heading angle, the roll angle and the pitch angle of the digital compass output, the direction of the robot’s movement is adjusted, thereby achieving Robot navigation features.

3, Mobile phone compass

Mobile phone compass is not unfamiliar to everyone, this feature is based on digital compass. The mobile phone can automatically rotate the map according to the digital compass reading to the direction that the user can easily read and keep pointing in this direction to provide the user with a compass function.

The three aspects mentioned above are the most common application fields of the digital compass. In addition, there are many other industries and subdivisions that use digital compass technology as positioning navigation. By using a digital compass, it is possible to effectively compensate for the inability of GPS to navigate precisely in crowded urban areas, and bring a lot of convenience to everyone’s life.

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