We Will Promote The Development And Growth Of Domestic Commercial Aircraft

Shanghai, Jan. 25 (xinhua) — China commercial aviation corp.

Hohhot baita international airport as the main operating base.

Taking advantage of regional air transport in Inner Mongolia and promoting the development and growth of domestic commercial aircraft industry, we signed a cooperation framework agreement with chengdu airlines, the first customer of ARJ21, as the first customer of ARJ21 aircraft in the world.

To jointly promote the large-scale operation of aircraft, tianjiao airlines will fully learn from the ARJ21 aircraft operation experience of chengdu airlines. Tianjiao airlines is funded by Inner Mongolia transportation investment (group) co., ltd. entrusted by the people’s government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

It has operated safely for over 8,000 hours, accumulated experience in market cultivation, technical training, aviation material support and other aspects, explored new business operation mode, and transported more than 230,000 passengers. It has been more than two years since the first flight of ARJ21 aircraft on June 28, 2016.

Chengdu airlines has trained a professional team. Chengdu airlines has received 10 ARJ21 aircraft. Tianjiao airlines and chengdu airlines will also take Hohhot in Inner Mongolia and chengdu in sichuan province as their bases.

It has opened air routes from chengdu to 20 cities including changsha, hefei, Shanghai and Harbin, and obtained the maintenance qualification of ARJ21 aircraft replacement and APU test.

Tianjiao aviation, the second customer of the new domestic regional jet ARJ21, is making positive preparations to receive the first batch of aircraft, and was approved by the civil aviation administration of China on March 30, 2018 after the signing of the cooperation framework agreement.

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