Under The 055 Big Drive Halo, 052D Is Difficult To Cover The Wind

If it is about combat capability, the 055-ton ship is undoubtedly the most advanced, but the construction of the naval team can never be completed by a single ship type. At the moment of systematization and matching, the 052D is also indispensable for the Navy.

One of the important reasons is the price/performance ratio. The 055-ton missiles are not only cost-effective, but also the cost of later use and maintenance is not comparable to the 052D. So although the 055-type drive does have excellent combat capabilities, the 052D actually has its own advantages.

Although the 052D combat power is not as good as the 055 drive, its cost is more than 60% less than the 055 drive, so the existence of the 052D destroyer is still necessary. After all, our aircraft carriers go to sea to fight, and it is impossible to have a clear-looking 5.05 million-ton drive. The big mighty and majestic, small and agile, and in the aircraft carrier battle group are also indispensable. Even if it is as strong as the United States, it is impossible to increase the combat power with DDG1000. After all, there are few companies that dare to restructure.

Although the performance of the 055-ton-type large-capacity drive is excellent, it is not all tasks that are not the 055 type. For example, in the missions of some small areas, if the 055 type is sent in the past, it must be overkill, and waste is always abandoned by our army.

With the combat capability of the 055 drive, in addition to the United States, some of Russia’s heavy-duty anti-ship missiles can be compared with others. There are really few other countries that can compare with them.

Therefore, some experts believe that the number of 052D guided missile destroyers, or over 054A, will reach 50-60 ships, and it will greatly exceed the 5.55 million tons drive.

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