UAV Will Guide China Aviation

China independently developed Pterosaur UAV and its mount equipment. It is the first time in the series lineup open to overseas debut in the 2016 Chinese airshow held. In fact, Pterosaur has get recognition by virtue of its leading technical performance, reliable reputation, market recognition at domestic and abroad market.

As multi-purpose UAV system, pterosaur has a higher cost performance, long endurance, multi-purpose, good use of multiple features, suitable for military, police and civilian areas. It can meet the requirements of reconnaissance, surveillance and combat of multi task demand.

For China, UAV system means the country for continuous monitoring and control in many regions, significantly enhance the ability of this long endurance. The ability of continuous monitoring and reconnaissance of interest and interests in related areas; for overseas customers, the environmental adaptability, task load diversity of UAV not only improve their combat, also serve, search and rescue, patrol and other fields.

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