UAV Implementation Of Real-name Registration

In recent years, UAVs have become more and more prominent in aerial photography, agriculture, surveying and mapping fields, but they also repeatedly hit the air “restricted area.” For the UAV “black fly”, China Civil Aviation Authority issued a few days ago, the official quality of more than 250 grams of civilian UAV implementation of “real-name system.” At the same time, follow-up other regulatory initiatives are also under development.


According to the regulations, as of June 1, China will formally register its real-name UAVs with a mass of more than 250 grams. After August 31, if the owners of UAVs fail to register and paste the registration marks in accordance with the provisions of the regulations, , Its flight behavior will be considered as illegal. On May 18, China’s civil unmanned aerial vehicle registration system was formally launched. On the same day, CAAC released the first batch of data on the protection scope of 155 civilian airports and delineated the no-fly zone at the airport.

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