UAV Detection System At Capital Airport Captures Signals In Seconds

UAV detection systemat Capital Airport captures signals in seconds

In order to capture the unmanned aerial vehicles operating within the Capital Airport more efficiently and to ensure the safety of airport operations, Capital Airport recently deployed 4 sets of roofs at the China Service Building, HNA Beijing Base, Airport Catering Company and Flight Area No. 6 Light Station. Unmanned aerial vehicle detection equipment, including 4 azimuth detection antennas and 2 altitude detection antennas. The system terminal is installed in the operation management module of the flight management department of the Capital Airport. The detection range of the equipment can cover 2 km outside the boundary of the flight area and outside the boundary. range.
The four sets of unmanned aerial vehicle detection equipment deployed by the company are provided by Chengdu Huari Communication Co., Ltd., and the detection equipment is a passive equipment. The equipment only receives the electromagnetic signals communicated between the unmanned aircraft and the remote control handle, but it does not itself. It will emit electromagnetic signals, effectively avoiding the impact on the operation of other equipment in the Capital Airport during the operation of the equipment. When the device is enabled, if the unmanned aircraft is turned on, the detection device will capture the signal in a few seconds and display the acquired position and altitude information of the unmanned aircraft in the terminal system.
At present, the installation and commissioning of the detection equipment and system have been completed, and the selected points have been tested in the flight area of the Capital Airport and in the vicinity of the airport. After testing and analysis, the equipment and system have the conditions for use. On August 23, the system officially entered the trial operation phase. During the period of major activity guarantee, the equipment manufacturers will arrange special personnel to accompany the operation to ensure the normal operation of equipment and systems. In the follow-up, relevant operators will be trained to ensure the safety of the capital airport.

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