To Improve The Accuracy Of The Navigation System, The Indian Space Agency Will Build Ground Stations In Russia, Japan And France

The Indian space research organisation (isro) is setting up ground stations in Russia, Japan and France to improve the accuracy of its navigation systems, the Indian space agency announced on Friday.
“In order to improve the accuracy of the navigation system, we need to set up ground stations at different locations,” the chairman of the Indian space research organisation (ISRO) told media in new Delhi on Friday. We plan to set up ground stations in Russia, France and Japan. They also asked us to set up ground stations for them in our country.


In addition, India will establish five large earth stations and more than 500 small terminals in neighbouring countries, in Bhutan, Nepal, maldives, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
The Russian space agency’s ground station in India will be built in bangalore, India, while the Indian space research organization’s ground station is expected to be in Novosibirsk, Russia.

India’s navigation service has seven satellites, three in the geostationary orbit (GEO) and four in geosynchronous orbit (GSO). The space and ground stations together provide navigation signals for a variety of receivers and user equipment.
The Indian government has taken concrete steps to expand the use of indigenous satellite systems and curb the country’s reliance on us-operated global positioning systems.

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