Tianxianlian 2 01 Provides Information Transmission Support For The Search And Recovery Of Chang ‘e

The Chang ‘e-5 lander successfully landed in a predetermined area in Inner Mongolia early Sunday morning.During the search and rescue mission, Tianlian ii 01 has established an information transmission link between the communication helicopter of the Search and rescue Space Detachment and the Beijing Space Flight Control Center, realizing real-time transmission of business data such as images, voice and scheduling, laying a solid foundation for the success of the search and rescue mission.

Before the mission, according to the arrangement of the landing site headquarters, Beijing Space Information Transmission Center manually entered the theoretical landing coordinates of Chang ‘e-5 to conduct relevant state configuration, and carried out several landing site task drills in cooperation with it.

“Before the search and rescue personnel board the plane, our communication operation post has opened the helicopter dispatch according to the command command command. During the search and rescue mission, we will monitor the link maintenance state and carefully observe the optical pod image transmission.”Mission chief engineer Qin Mingchen introduced.

“Twenty-three days ago in this hall, we provided space-based measurement and control services for the Long March 5 Rocket via tianchin-linked satellites and escorted Chang ‘e to the moon.And now we will bring her back successfully.””Said Gao Quan, the mission’s dispatch director.

It is learned that the Beijing Space Information Transmission Center has been carrying out intensive space-based tt&C missions recently. Faced with complicated post work, they have been steadily and step by step, serving for various major missions on the front line of SPACE-based TT&C all the time, and the success rate of executing missions has reached 100%.

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