Tianwen-1 Successfully Launched

On July 23, the Long March 5 Yaosi rocket successfully launched the “Tianwen-1” Mars probe, which was the first flight of my country’s planetary exploration. The distance between Earth and Mars is more than 350 million kilometers, and the long journey in the dark night sky will take more than seven months! Are you scared? Not afraid!

Because my country’s self-developed 78 engine kiloton power assembly Tianwen No. 1 is equivalent to saying that 78 powerful hearts were installed for this mission.

The “Tianwen-1” probe carried by the rocket is divided into two parts, one is the orbiter, and the other is the lander. In the future, the “Tianwen-1” probe will land on Mars, achieving three major missions of Mars orbiting, landing and patrolling at one time.

In addition to the powerful “core dirty”, the researchers also installed eyes and ears on the engine. Mars is more than 350 million kilometers away from the earth, and the signal has a long delay. That is, the telemetry situation seen on the ground is actually 20 minutes ago, and it takes 20 minutes for the ground to send an action command to return to Mars.

In response to unexpected situations that may be encountered during the flight and landing of the probe, the researchers of the Sixth Institute have developed an autonomous management function for the probe. More than 20 kinds of failure plans are loaded, and the fault judgment is realized through software programming, and the control of the propulsion engine is realized.


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