Three Axis Acceleration Sensor

Based on the basic principle of acceleration to implementation work, acceleration is a vector space, on the one hand, to accurately understand the motion of an object, must be measured the component of its three axes; In advance, on the other hand, when we don’t know the direction of motion object situation, only using three axis acceleration sensor to detect acceleration signal.

Due to triaxial acceleration sensor is also based on the principle of gravity, thus by triaxial acceleration sensor can realize two-axis plus or minus 90 degrees or biaxial 0-360 degree Angle, through the correction precision than dual-axis accelerometer is greater than the measured Angle of 60 degrees.

Current triaxial acceleration sensor / three-axis accelerometer is mostly adopted piezoresistive type, piezoelectric, and working principle of the capacitive acceleration is proportional to the resistance, the change of the voltage and capacitance, through the acquisition of the corresponding amplifier and filter circuit.

Triaxial acceleration sensor with small volume and weight (gm) characteristics of light, space can be measured acceleration, can fully reflect the object’s movement properties, in the aerospace, robotics, automotive and medical and other fields has been widely used.

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