The Zero Pwoer Consumption Shown During The IEE Sensor 2016

The DARPA show the latest sensor at the just concluded IEEE Sensor 2016, which is able to achieve stand by with zero power consumption.

The sensor used the advanced MEMS technology,to achieve Ulsi manufacturing technology of microprocessors, microsensors, control circuit and power supply device and other modules concentrate manufactured in a single piece of silicon substrate, forming a small, compact, ultra low power consumption.

Moreover, the scientist made the optimize in the way of power supply for the sensor.The zero power consumption sensor is able to transfer the energy which comes from the measured signal itself, such as electromagnetic waves,physical vibration and Ultrasound etc.. For example, the sensor only need to send the warning while detected electromagnetic wave from enemy,instead to send large raw date with large power consumption.

The zero power consumption sensor will possessing battery as well, which is able to storage the power from solar cell,physical vibration collector, in order to support longer standby, said by Troy Olsson.

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