Yuanwang Rocket Transport Fleet Completes Two Rocket Maritime Transport Missions

The Yuanwang rocket transport fleet returned to the home port of China Satellite Maritime Survey and Control Department on the 26th to end the maritime transport mission of Long March VIIA and Long March 5B Yaoyi rockets.

For this mission, Yuanwang 21 took the lead on December 30, 2019. The single ship completed the Long March VII A rocket maritime transportation mission, and then formed a team with Yuanwang 22 to complete the Long March 5B Yaoyi rocket maritime transportation. .

Li Jin, the captain of Yuanwang 21, said: “This time sailing, Yuanwang 21 sailed out to sea for 59 days, and a single ship sailed more than 8,000 nautical miles.

During the mission, the fleet did a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic situation to ensure that the mission was carried out in an orderly manner. “Each crew member must monitor their body temperature regularly. We have stricter control over the number of posts and the range of personnel activities, and require each crew member to take personal protection, take meals in batches, spread meals, and insist on daily disinfection of the whole ship.” Li Jin introduced.

The Yuanwang rocket transport fleet will subsequently carry out repairs and equipment maintenance at the home port, and carry out various targeted technical drills while doing epidemic prevention and control to prepare for high-frequency rocket transport tasks this year.


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