The Yuanwang 5 Ship Went To The Pacific To Perform Multiple Maritime Measurement And Control Missions

On the 24th, the Yuanwang 5 ship departed from the dock of the China Satellite Marine Monitoring and Control Department and rushed to the Pacific Ocean to perform marine monitoring and control tasks.

This is the third voyage of Yuanwang 5 this year, and it plans to operate at sea for more than 100 days. According to the overall arrangement of the space launch mission, they will spend New Year’s Day at sea and are expected to complete the mission triumphantly in early 2021.

Since the beginning of this year, the Yuanwang 5 ship has participated in the completion of my country’s first Mars exploration and the launch of the Asia-Pacific 6D satellite and other 4 maritime measurement and control missions. The maritime operations have reached 143 days. After returning to the home port on August 10, the ship steadily carried out preparations for tasks such as equipment maintenance, ship inspection and maintenance, replacement of spare parts, and supplies of materials and equipment, and scientifically coordinated the division of labor to organize shift operations, and 80% of the crew were able to take a short rest.

“This year’s space launch missions have a high density. The Yuanwang 5 ship has continued to expedition and will participate in many subsequent major launch missions.” Captain Liu Jianfei said, “Single voyage for more than 100 days and a new year at sea, this is in Yuanwang 5. This is the second time for the ship. All crew members are confident and capable of capturing the full year of missions and making a good start for 2021.”


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