The Xichang Satellite Launch Center Has Successfully Completed The Final Battle Of Gaofen Satellite

The Gaofen-14 satellite was lifted into space by a Long March rocket. The news from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Xichang came 23 days later, marking a new round of high-density space launch missions in the second half of the year.

This mission is the final battle of gaofen satellite system construction and the key battle of xichang Satellite Launch Center’s annual high-density launch mission sprint stage.

“The rocket technology for this mission has changed a lot, and the launch is more difficult and risky than before.”Task site, the center planning department director Xing Chao tightly riveting in the development of the work hall.

XingChao said that in order to ensure the mission foolproof, a complete success, starting from the satellite, the rockets play, create positions from personnel training, technical center of science and technology researchers state change analysis, risk analysis, prevention and control, satellite identification planning aspects of solid preparation, only send measurement and control system has identified 16 technical state changes, six system level risk, science has established 21 targeted prevention measures, stress for the rocket launch a solid foundation.


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