The World’s First ‘quantum Drone’ Was Born

Recently, Nanjing University has built the world’s first UAV quantum communication network, using UAV as a relay station for quantum transmission, which is expected to greatly reduce the deployment cost of quantum communication networks. In the future, the new system is expected to expand to consumer-grade UAVs, a study that could revolutionize quantum communications and network construction.

A study by Nanjing University shows that China is developing “quantum drones” that may produce an almost unbreakable airborne quantum communication network.

There is a strange phenomenon in quantum mechanics called “quantum entanglement.” Basically, no matter how large the physical distance of two particles is, two or more particles (such as photons that are connected or “entangled”) can theoretically interact with each other. Studying entanglement is of paramount importance for building quantum computers and connecting quantum networks between these computers, as well as the most complex quantum cryptography.

A key issue in the development of ground-based quantum communication networks is how to deal with fragile entanglement: the transmission of quantum through existing fiber-optic networks has many limitations in terms of transmission distance and data rate. With this in mind, scientists have increasingly studied open-ended quantum networks in recent years.

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