The Success Of The ‘three In One’ Test Of The ‘Creek No. 1’ Solid Carrier Rocket Of Xinghe Power

On September 26, the “three-in-one” test of the “Creek No. 1” solid carrier rocket of Xinghe Power was successful. The secondary engine was ignited and the whole process was working normally, with a working time of 74 seconds.

The “Three-in-one” test of the “Gusenxing-1” launch vehicle secondary engine, namely the rocket secondary engine and the servo system (ie the feedback control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a certain process), combined with the hot test, and the first and second stage Inter-thermal separation test. The “Gusen No. 1” solid carrier rocket is a three-stage solid plus advanced liquid upper stage configuration. Among them, the second stage adopts the vector engine, and the first and second stage adopts the thermal separation scheme. The first and second separation time of the scheme is short, and the initial stability of the second stage flight is good.

“Gusenxing No.1” rocket secondary engine, interstage section, first-class engine casing on the test bench. The main purpose of this test is to verify the reliability of the secondary engine and obtain the internal ballistic performance data; verify the separation between the first and second stage rocket stages. The correctness of the scheme; verify the environmental adaptability and system matching of the servo system and the vector nozzle; obtain other measurement parameters related to the “three-in-one” test.

According to Xinghe Power, the test results show that the first and second grade cutting cables complete the inter-stage cutting according to the predetermined timing. The separation process between the stages is normal, the separation environment meets the expectations; the secondary engine ignition is normal, the whole process is normal, and the working time is 74 seconds. The thrust is 28 tons, and the inverse vacuum is 285.8s. The main technical indicators meet the requirements. The servo system cooperates with the nozzle during engine operation, the nozzle works normally, and the servo characteristics meet the requirements.

It is reported that the test laid the foundation for the successful launch of the “Gu Shenxing No. 1” solid carrier rocket next year. According to the development plan of the “Gusenxing No. 1” launch vehicle, with the success of this test, the overall development work of “Gu Shenxing No. 1” has entered the intensive implementation phase of large-scale ground trials.

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