The ‘Snow Dragon’ Completes The Equator Crossing And Will Meet The ‘Snow Dragon 2’ In Hobart

After the “Snow Dragon 2” crossed the equator on October 24, the “Snow Dragon” completed the crossing from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere on October 29 and entered the “Equatorial Windless Belt”.

The commemoration of the equator is a ritual for the voyager to express his wish to return to the sea in order to worship the sea god and pray for peace. Now it has been integrated into the culture of our expedition team and has become a tradition of our country’s Antarctic study.

At two o’clock on the afternoon of the 29th, the Antarctic expedition team on the “Snow Dragon” came to the back deck and held a lively equator activity here. All the members of the expedition lined up with the words “36”, holding up the five-star red flag and the 36th inspection team flag, and took a group photo.

After the photo was taken, the traditional tug-of-war competition was carried out on the ship as usual. The competition is divided into four teams, namely “Snow Dragon Team”, “Comprehensive Team”, “Zhongshan Team” and “Taishan Team”, each team has 10 players. After several rounds of competition, the “Snow Dragons”, which was composed of crew members, won the championship.

Although the “Snow Dragon” has left the mainland of the motherland, a strict garbage classification system is still on board. In order to enhance the environmental protection concept of the team members and develop a good habit of sorting garbage, the “Snow Dragon” pioneered the garbage sorting and throwing competition this year. Every two people, one person took the throwing object and read the garbage name, and the other person threw it; In the trash can and the correct classification plus one point, the winner with the highest score will win.

Zhu Xue, the captain of “Snow Dragon”, said that the “Snow Dragon” is about 1000 nautical miles away from the front of the “Snow Dragon 2”. The two sides will have a short meeting in Hobart, Australia, followed by “Snow Dragon 2”. The number first sailed away from the port. The “Snow Dragon” continued to go south after material supplies and personnel boarded the ship. The two ships will pass through the “Devil Westerly Belt” and finally meet at the Zhongshan Station in Antarctica.

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