Zhuhai air show the PLA Air Force’s new fighter jets and lots of active main combat equipment

“Land and air integration” pattern formation

The stunning flight show is the highlight of previous airshows. At this year’s air show, the Air Force “August 1” air show team and the first appearance of the Air Force Aviation University “Red Eagle” air show team performed a number of aerobatic performances, dancing with the foreign flight show team in the blue sky.

At this year’s air show, the new air force fighters and a group of active main battle equipment were newly unveiled, focusing on the new achievements of the Air Force in reform, opening up, and reforming the army. Among them, the J-20 fighters were displayed at the current air show with new paintings, new formations and new attitudes. Joining the J-20, there are also -20 fighters driven by Air Force pilots. Yun-20 is a large-scale and multi-purpose transport aircraft developed by China based on its own strength. It can carry out long-distance air transport tasks of various materials and personnel under complex meteorological conditions.

This year, it is the 20th anniversary of the first flight of the third generation of the machine-made 歼-10. This is also the fifth time of the August 1st Air Show Team’s China Air Show since the installation of the 歼-10 performance machine. According to the team captain Cao Zhenzhong, they specially created two new performances for the air show, “Six-machine grouping blossoming” and “Four-machine formation rolling”, aiming to offer a more exciting blue sky feast.

In addition, with the expansion of the scale of the ground equipment dynamic demonstration area, the dynamic demonstration content of the ground equipment of this year’s air show is more abundant. The 40 weapons of China Weapons, China’s military equipment, and Dongmin, Beiqi and other “Ministry of the People’s Army” enterprises have successively carried out performances such as climbing slopes, wading pools, and snake-shaped maneuvers. At the same time, on the basis of the performance of the above projects, the training scene demonstrations of weapons shooting, basic tactics and other subjects were combined, and the aerial flight performance and the ground dynamic demonstrations complemented each other, bringing a visual feast for the audience.

With the continuous expansion of China’s air show scale, the structure of exhibits has been continuously optimized, and the business functions have been continuously improved. The China Air Show has promoted the development of military trade and the ability and role of serving the country’s political, economic, diplomatic, and military affairs has become more prominent. According to the organizer, this year’s air show attracted nearly 200 military and political trade delegations from more than 60 countries and more than 130,000 professionals to visit. A large number of contracts and agreements will be signed during the air show.

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