The Scientific And Technological Achievements in Zhuhai Airshow

The core space of the China Space Station debuted at the Zhuhai Air Show. This is the first time that the space station’s core cabin has appeared in the public in the form of a 1:1 physical form. Economic Daily reporter

Since the first air show in 1996, China Air Show has gradually developed into a trade, professional and ornamental integration, representing a high-level event for the development of China’s aerospace science and technology and weapons and equipment. This year’s air show not only has high, fine and pointed exhibits representing the world’s advanced level, but also a flight show team from many countries to present a visual feast for the audience.

Clear skies, autumn winds and hustle and bustle. On November 6, the 6th China International Aerospace Exhibition opened in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

On the wide apron of the air show center, J-10B, Yun 20, Air Police 500, ARJ21 advanced regional passenger aircraft, large-scale fire/water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 and other star aircraft ranked first, attracting people to stop. 770 exhibitors from 43 countries and regions gathered in the exhibition, and the product structure of the exhibition reached the coverage of “land, sea, air, sky and electricity” for the first time.


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