The Role Of Sensors In Industrial Intelligentization

Theaccelerometer is used to measure the acceleration of industrial machines along the direction of the three axis of X, Y and Z, and can also measure the inclination of the machine or the manipulator. If the machine is still at rest, the output data of the two axis of X and Y is 0g, and the output of the Z axis is 1g. 1g is the earth’s gravitational force that all objects on the earth will bear. If the machine rotates 90 degrees along the X axis, the two axes of X and Z will output 0g, and the Y axis will output 1g. In the inclined state, X, Y, Z three output value between 0 and 1g, and then the output value through trigonometry formula, calculate the angle of the machine.

Accelerometer can also measure linear acceleration along horizontal and vertical directions. These data can be used to calculate the movement speed and direction of the machine, and even calculate the rate of height change.

The accelerometer can also detect the vibration of the machine. The accelerometer installed on the motor provides key data for detecting the type of fault. Because of the different vibration frequencies of the three faults caused by unbalanced load of motor, bearing faults and gear meshing faults, these information can be used to predict motor maintenance needs.


A gyroscope is a sensor for measuring angular velocity along the direction of the three axis. It can measure the angle change rate of the pitch, roll and direction of the three axis. The angular rate change information can be used to improve the stability of the machine operation and prevent the lateral sloshing of the machine. After receiving the gyroscope information, the motor controller can dynamically adjust the speed of the motor to ensure the stable operation of the machine or the manipulator. The gyroscope can also allow the machine or arm to rotate precisely according to the angle required by the user.

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