The People’s Liberation Army 055 Drive To Force

China’s 055 ship is the most advanced destroyer in the world. The first is that the tonnage of the 055 destroyer is the largest in the world, and his combat power is worthy of his tonnage. All his electronic and weapon equipment are the most advanced and most advanced in the world. leading-edge. Not only broke the records of the People’s Liberation Army, but also made the navy powers the United States sleep well. The 055 drive is equivalent to the 歼20 stealth fighter that was born in China, and is the symbolic achievement of China’s overall ocean strategy.

The shape of the 055 drive is called sci-fi, super-integrated integrated RF technology, simple design, fully enclosed ship head design, more than 12,000 tons of tonnage, so that he has enough space to set up new radar equipment and missiles. arms. He has arranged three kinds of active phased array radars in the past, including the X-band radar antenna 4 planes, the meter wave radar antenna 2 planes, and the C-band antenna 4 planes. These radars are concentrated in the background. Multi-band radar radio system, plus the S-band air-to-air radar antenna used in the past, 055 can be said to be the most powerful detection complex in the world. This system is simple and convenient to be integrated on the 055 bridge. Mast, very coordinated.

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