The Oil Industry Recovery

According to statistics, in the past three years, the global oil industry lay off employees about 440000 jobs. As oil recovery, many oil companies start hiring! Will you want to come back?

By the end of 2016, the global oil industry lay off employees total 440131 jobs, including oilfield services provider, drilling contractor and equipment manufacturers account for more than three-quarters of layoffs.

Bureau of statistics data, the oil and gas industry jobs in the United States on the number of U.S. workers in July last year hit a five-year low slightly after recovery, then the oil and gas related professional demand began to rebound.

Recently, four lard clothing company Halliburton, in response to growth performance, start hiring in North America. This signal may be, the beginning of the oil operators recruitment.

At the same time, this also is a dual problem.First, the oil companies willing to hire is laying off employees; Second, the oil companies lay off employees are willing to return to his former club.

Anyway, the past all the past. Now and threw the subject to give you, ruthless “abandoned” has been oil company, will you return to the old job?

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