The Micro-inertial Navigation Technology Will Be The Mainstream Direction Of Unmanned Vehicle Development

Inertial navigation skills as a kind of don’t depend on external information, nor to the external radiation energy of autonomous navigation skills, its advantage lies in the given initial conditions, does not need external reference can be concluded that the location, direction and speed, suitable for all kinds of mixed and disorderly geographical environment and the outside world under the disturb of fault location, and can continuously measure the change of orientation, accurate dynamic posture adhere to benchmark.Followed the progress of science and technology, the capital of the small size and low precision of mechanical system (MEMS) devices is higher and higher, “micro inertial navigation” positioning skills has been gradually extended to industrial, military and other fields, and in the public security fire control, emergency rescue, the use of more sophisticated.

Micro inertial navigation skills used in navigation is now a relatively new method does not depend on any external devices (not demand laid a magnetic stripe, laser reflection board, etc.), not influenced by external electromagnetic disturb, get rid of the traditional methods of environmental constraints, can work in any place, is a kind of more intelligent positioning skills, follow the MEMS development of inertial element equipment, the capital of the drop, the autonomy of micro inertial navigation positioning, disturb resistance, and high degree of flexibility will make it become the most potential for future of agv navigation and positioning means of skills, just relying on small inertial sensors can supply high precision of position, speed, heading and position Angle data, realize the independent position.The micro-inertial guidance AGV is applicable to the following scenarios:

  • Non-stationary road, unmanned vehicle can move with full freedom
  • Large scene long distance, the way is laid in a disjointed, demand multiple unmanned vehicles to work together to complete the task
  • The space is narrow and the demand is not moving, backward or sideways
  • Ways to change and expand the venues in a more frequent situation
  • Other occasions when the use of magnetic strip and other equipment is not convenient
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