The Long March 5 Yao III Flight Test Mission Was A Complete Success

At 20:45 on the 27th, the Long March No. 5 carrier rocket ignited at the Wenchang space launch site, and the practical No. 20 satellite was accurately put into the predetermined orbit. The launch flight test mission was successfully completed.

About 37 minutes after the rocket ignited, the stars and arrows separated, and the practical XX satellite was accurately sent into the planned orbit of 192 kilometers perigee and 68,000 kilometers afar.

The Long March 5 carrier rocket is China’s first large-thrust non-toxic and pollution-free liquid rocket. It uses a new 5-meter core-diameter arrow body structure and a take-off weight of about 870 tons. Its overall performance and overall technology have reached international advanced levels. Two launches were carried out on November 3, 2016 and July 2, 2017. The first launch was a complete success, and the second launch failed to send the satellite into the intended orbit due to the failure of the rocket engine. For more than two years, researchers across the project conducted a large number of ground tests and adopted a series of improvement and optimization measures to effectively improve the reliability of rocket flight missions.

The orbiting practice of the 20th satellite is a geosynchronous orbit new technology verification satellite. It will verify the key technologies of the new generation of the large-scale satellite platform of the Dongfanghong-5 and implement a number of new technology verification work. It will carry out the geosynchronous orbit communication broadcast service.

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