The Long March 3A Series Of Launch Vehicles Entered The ‘100 Launch Clubs’

On April 20th, at the Xichang Satellite Launch Base, the 01 commander issued a command, and a huge flame in the mountains rose to the ground and went straight to the stars. The Long March 3 Biyao 59 carrier rocket successfully sent the Beidou navigation satellite into the scheduled orbit. At this point, the Long March 3A series of launch vehicles officially entered the “100 launch clubs”, becoming China’s first single series of launch vehicles with 100 times of launches.

So far, hundreds of launches, the Changjiajia series of rockets broke through a number of key technologies, and realized a number of leap from high-orbit satellite transfer orbit to working orbit launch, from Earth orbit to Earth-moon orbit launch; Combinaturization and generalization; realizing high-orbit satellites with one-shot double-star and high-density launch; aerospace core technical indicators such as rocket carrying capacity, annual launch quantity, launch success rate and launching orbit accuracy are all world-class.

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