The Joint Navigation Conference Will Hold At Florida 2014

Joint Navigation Conference will hold in U.S which is the largest U.S military navigation conference with joint service and government participation .This conference mainly focuses on technical advances in guidance &navigation & control which includes a technical exhibit and showcase about guidance & navigation & control technology products. From the perspective of operating, this conference is still focus on advances in critical strengths & battlefield applications of GPS, or fielded navigation devices.

This conference only JNC attendance in FOUO U.S, it was controlled by the Joint Navigation Warfare Center and restricted by U.S only. The citizens of U.S.A, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom constitute the classified session which has 4-Eyes access (June 19). All of participants have to establish a consensus to know and be approved by the Joint Navigation Warfare Center security office.

This conference will hold on 16-19th,June, 2014 at renaissance Orlando at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida.

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