The Inclinometer Takes A New Step, And The Potential Of China’s Market Is Limitless

In July, Shanghai Joy City ferris wheel in operating, 20 pod tilt and swing phenomenon, after the check, the cause of the problem for 20 pod Angle sensor fails, the pod in one direction and Angle of about 10 degrees, trigger pod security protection function, pod power servo drive system, pod in the process of reset due to gravity swing, for passengers. As a kind of security element, the tilt sensor can automatically detect and alarm when abnormal occurrence, so as to avoid further danger. So what exactly are the tilt sensors? How does it work? And what about applications?

Inclinometer, also known as level sensor, level, angle sensor, is a kind of Angle sensor, used for the levelness of the detection system, due to the dual inclinometer can complete the levelness of the two direction measurement at the same time, thus can be used to detect the whole measured the levelness.

Inclinometer according to the working principle of the different can be divided into “liquid pendulum” type, “solid pendulum” and “gas pendulum” three, but the three Angle sensor is based on the basic theory of Newton’s second law. Newton’s second law tells us that we are unable to within a system to measure speed, but we can measure the acceleration, in the condition of known initial velocity can be obtained by using the method of integral linear velocity, and obtains its linear displacement.

Inclinometer has a wide range of applications in all fields. It can provide reliable data for the safety of the driver on the slope of the slope.The application of tower crane can provide data support for anti-tipping monitoring.It can be used to measure the current tilt Angle of the conveyor directly. The accurate control of the geometrical accuracy of NC machine tool can be realized. In addition, the tilt sensor has important applications in high-altitude operating vehicles, four-wheel positioning, attitude detection of satellite communication vehicles, and ship navigation attitude measurement. In modernsecurity, the UAV, smart well cover also has the application of inclinometer.

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