The Important Trend Of The Development Of Sensor Industrialization

In recent years, with the deepening of technology research and development, cost reduction, performance and reliability improvement, driven by the rapid development of Internet of things, mobile Internet and high-end equipment manufacturing, the typical application market of sensors has developed rapidly.

Asia Pacific will be the most potential market. At present, the sensors in the United States, Japan and European countries are advanced in technology and mature in the upstream and downstream industries. They are the major producers and the largest application markets for high-end sensor products. At the same time, the Asia Pacific region has become the most promising future market. Intentia consulting said the Asia-Pacific market share will continue to grow in the next few years and is expected to increase to 38.1% in 2016 with a slight decline in North American and Western European market share.

Traffic, information and communication have become the fastest growing areas of the market. According to the estimates of Intentia Consulting, the global automotive sensor size in 2016 will reach 419.7 online Internet yuan, accounting for 22.8% of the global market; the information and communication industry will reach 421.6 Internet of Things online in 2016, accounting for 22.9% of the global market. And may become the largest single application market. Innovative applications in areas such as medical treatment, environmental monitoring, oil and gas pipelines and smart grids will become new hot spots and are expected to create more market demands in the future.

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