The Flying Distance Of Tianwen 1 Has Exceeded 400 Million Kilometers

As of 6 o ‘clock on January 3, Tien-Wen 1 has been in orbit for 163 days, with a flying distance of 400 million kilometers, about 130 million kilometers from the Earth and 8.3 million kilometers from Mars.The probe is in a stable position and is scheduled to put on a near-fire brake in a little more than a month to enter a fire orbit ready to land on Mars.

The Tianwen 1 mission is the first step in China’s independent interplanetary exploration. It will orbit, orbit and patrol Mars through a single launch, which means Mars orbits, lands on Mars and patrols the Martian surface.Tien Wen 1 weighs about 5 tons and is composed of an orbiter and a landing rover, which mainly includes an entry module and a rover.At present, the orbiter has completed its third in-orbit self-inspection, and all systems are working normally.

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