The First Scientific Images of the Tianwen 1 Spacecraft Landing on Mars Have Been Released

China’s National Space Administration unveiled the first batch of scientific images of the Tianwen 1 spacecraft’s landing on Mars today (June 11). The images, including panoramic images of the landing site, Martian topography, China’s imprint and a group photo of the rover’s patrol, were taken by the China Zhurong spacecraft. The release of the first scientific images marks a complete success for China’s first Mars exploration mission.

The panoramic view of the landing site is a 360° circular picture taken by the navigation terrain camera on the mast of the rover before it left the landing platform, which has been corrected and Mosaic. The image shows that the land near the landing site is flat, and the horizon of Mars can be seen in the distance. The abundance and size of rocks are consistent with the expectation, which indicates that the autonomous selection of the landing site and the implementation of hovering obstacle avoidance are effective.

The topographical map of Mars is the first topographical image taken by the navigational terrain camera after the rover reached the surface of Mars. The image shows that the near surface is relatively flat, with stones of different sizes distributed, smooth edges, lighter colors, and semi-buried, and a circular pit with darker colors and angular stones distributed on the edge of the circular pit, and a few sand dunes further away.

The image of China Imprint is the image of the landing platform taken by the rover at a distance of about 6 meters in the direction of 60° SE of the landing platform. The images show a gleaming landing platform, a bright red flag and a detailed landscape.

The “walking group photo” image shows the rover driving about 10 meters to the south of the landing platform, releasing the separation camera mounted on the bottom of the vehicle, and then retracting to the area near the landing platform.The separation camera captured the rover as it moved and photographed the rover with the landing platform. The images are transmitted wirelessly to the rover, which relays them back to Earth via the orbiter.

China’s first Mars exploration mission was fully demonstrated in 2013 and approved in January 2016. On July 23, 2020 / a probe launched hainan wenchang, after a fire capture, transfer, Mars landing Mars berth, aberrance and scientific exploration stage, such as engineering task smoothly as planned, as of June 11, surrounding the orbits in the relay to be in good condition, “ravaged by” rover on the surface of Mars has 28 Mars day work.

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