The First Launch Of The New Wheeled Amphibious Self-propelled Gate Bridge

Recently, a new wheeled amphibious self-propelled gate bridge of the whole army was used for launching training for the first time. They focused on intensive training in different subjects such as single-bridge navigation, equipment uploading, loading of catwalks, and multi-bridge coordination. They tested multiple technical and tactical performance of the new equipment, and improved the ability of engineering units to cross rivers in complex waters.

After the new wheeled amphibious self-propelled gate bridge was installed, they used the methods of assigning instructors to join the class, distinguishing the difficulty and the easy to pass the training, and regular assessment to promote training, etc., to ensure that every officer and soldier can master the relevant skills and gradually find out The “six-step loading method” carried out loading training for various equipment.

“Pay attention to all vehicles, launch the gate bridge!” At the training site, the driver of the company quickly drove the amphibious self-propelled gate bridge to the scheduled gate bridge ferry field after receiving the battle command. The operator quickly settled in and started work immediately. With the close cooperation of the operators, the huge gate bridge quickly “transformed” in only 3 minutes, and it was developed into a “monster” 13 meters long and 20 meters wide.

Amidst the roar of the engine, the more than 20-ton portal bridge car rushed into the water, and the driver quickly converted into a steerer, rewinding the ferry, steering the rudder, and turning to the shore in one go. Then, under the command of the instructor, a new wheeled combat vehicle weighing more than 20 tons drove smoothly onto the bridge. As the gate bridge set off rolling waves, the new self-propelled gate bridge loaded with heavy equipment and drove smoothly to the opposite bank.


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