The First ISO International Standard Issued in the Drilling Field

Offshore drilling technology

On June 6, 2022, the international organization for Standardization ISO 3421 petroleum and natural gas industry – Design for the depth and installation of marine riser, drafted under the leadership of CNOOC Research Institute, was officially published. This is the first ISO international standard in the field of offshore drilling technology in China with “model and algorithm” as the core. It is also the second and sixth international standard of CNOOC in the field of petroleum industry after CNOOC took the lead in releasing the first international standard modular drilling rig international standard in the field of petroleum equipment in China (ISO 18647) in 2017.

The standard was formed on the basis of major technological breakthroughs in the field of offshore drilling riser and deep-water and shallow drilling by the General Research Institute in conjunction with research and development teams such as China University of Petroleum (Beijing). It is a successful practice of standardization and internationalization of scientific research achievements. The riser is the “choke point” of offshore drilling and the necessary structure for all offshore oil and gas wells. ISO 3421 aims to provide the global offshore oil industry with technologies such as accurate prediction of the depth of marine riser into the mud, stability verification and construction control. It is suitable for shallow water and deep-water oil and gas exploration and development. The design methods and technologies recommended in the international standard have been applied and verified in more than 100 oil and gas fields in the Bohai Sea, the East China Sea, the west of the South China Sea and the east of the South China Sea, and achieved significant economic and social benefits. They have been popularized and applied to overseas blocks in Brazil, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.

The successful release of this standard indicates that China’s offshore drilling technology, especially deepwater drilling technology, with “models and algorithms” as the core, has achieved a major breakthrough from following to taking the lead in some areas. It also fills the gap in the technical field of ISO standard system and contributes value to the construction of global standardization.

It is reported that in september 2017, the General Research Institute put forward a new proposal for ISO 3421 standard drafting at the ISO TC67 annual meeting in Tokyo, Japan. In april2018, the project was officially approved through ISO voting, and CNOOC led the establishment of a global drafting Working Group on behalf of China. Since the project was approved for more than 4 years, the drafting working group has organized and held several working group meetings in the United States and online video to discuss relevant technical terms. Finally, the standard passed the vote with 100% approval rate and was successfully published.

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