The First Full Attitude Gyro North Solver In China Has Been Successfully Developed

Gyro north finder is an autonomous north finding inertial instrument, which is mainly used to determine the azimuth reference of the specific system aiming and measuring. Generally, the gyro north finder needs to work at a horizontal state and cannot find north when it tilts, which forms its traditional working mode of “leveling first and finding North later. However, leveling is often time-consuming and difficult, especially for the high precision and rapid leveling of the large vehicle platform. For a long time, people have been working to develop a better leveling system with better performance and higher precision, but the effect is not ideal.

Gyro north finder

The project team of researchers using “inventive, leveling, innovative ideas directly north”, broke through the north finder “first leveling, the traditional working mode after the north”, the development of all attitude gyro north seeking precision in slant range implementation solution of north seeking instrument. The development of the instrument fills the technical gap of tilting north finding in China, and is a significant technological progress in the field of inertial north finding, which is of great significance for realizing the high-precision maneuvering aiming and measuring in China.

At present, the project team is actively promoting the further application of the instrument and promoting the technical transformation of related achievements.

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