The First Domestic Aircraft Carrier Re-transmitted Good News

The entry of the domestic aircraft carrier into the seventh sea trial also indicates that its official service is accelerating. According to the research of the famous American think tank CSIS, the domestic aircraft carrier will be significantly improved compared with the Liaoning ship. First of all, the displacement will exceed 70,000 tons, which is not small compared with the 65,000 tons of Liaoning ships. And the domestic aircraft carrier island is further reduced, and the flight deck area will increase. The tonnage upgrade and deck optimization have increased the number of domestic aircraft carriers by eight, of which the number of 歼-15 will exceed 30, which is much larger than the 24 ships of Liaoning. Not long ago, China Xifeiyuan completed the full-machine drop test, marking the upcoming launch of China’s fixed-wing shipborne early warning aircraft. Although this model is unlikely to board the first domestic aircraft carrier, it will become the standard for the 003 aircraft carrier. It is worth mentioning that, after the Chinese navy said that the first domestic aircraft carrier was delivered, the Liaoning ship will gradually move closer to the actual combat aircraft carrier and no longer only serve as a training platform.

Today’s domestic aircraft carrier is about to enter the service, which also marks that the Liaoning ship is about to usher in a key node. The combat strength of China’s dual aircraft carrier will be further enhanced. After the rapid formation of the two aircraft carrier formations, it will be more conducive to the maintenance of China’s maritime rights and interests. China has a coastline of 20,000 kilometers, an exclusive economic zone of 3 million square kilometers, and economic interests worldwide. Undoubtedly the two aircraft carriers can not meet the needs of our country. Experts predict that it is advisable to build nine aircraft carriers in China, and at least to maintain the level of six standing ships. Of course, this depends on China’s economic affordability and the strategic needs of the PLA.

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