The First Airport UAV Defense System Was Put Into Operation At Baiyun Airport

November 23, 2017 Morning National UAV Defense System “Catch and UAV Detection and Defense System” was put into operation at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. The system is designed for the invisible “guard net” of the “Black Flying” UAV.

“Cang CaptureUAV Detection Defense System” consists of two parts, “Defense Detection and Warning System” and “UAV Jamming System”. Once there is suspicious “Black Flying” UAV, the system will capture the unmanned Machine orientation, model, real-time position coordinates, etc. The interfering system forces the “Black Fly” UAV to land or return home in a safe way by suppressing the UAV remote control signal and the satellite positioning signal. The system can quickly detect and control the UAV, to ensure the security around the airport. At the same time, the system does not have any impact on the normal operation of airport equipment, navigation equipment and airborne equipment.

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