The First 075 Amphibious Assault Ship Of The Chinese Navy Was Launched.

It is understood that on the morning of September 25, the first 075-type amphibious assault ship of the Chinese Navy was launched. In recent years, the scale and speed of China’s shipbuilding have increased significantly. A number of new warships have been built in large quantities, looking at the world. Currently only China can do it. Among the large ships, the fastest construction is the 075 amphibious assault ship. When the first exposure was made in the middle of the year, the 075 was only a segment that was difficult to distinguish. Some people on the network judged it as a civilian ship. In just three or four months, the 075 amphibious assault ship was almost from scratch, completing most of the construction work from segmentation to painting.

For less than half a year, China has built a ship with a displacement of 40,000 tons, and some foreign media are deeply shocked. At the same time, they have doubts about the quality of 075. They believe that too fast construction speed will inevitably harm the ship. Quality, but in the eyes of Russian military experts, China’s industrial technology is developing rapidly, and the rapid construction of 075 is only a microcosm of China’s current industrial capabilities.

At present, China’s industrial output value has already surpassed that of the United States. It is the country with the most complete industrial categories and the largest total output of industrial products. Especially in the field of shipbuilding, China has accumulated a large amount of production experience and trained a group of the world’s top technicians. At the same time, China has also achieved fruitful results in the field of marine power and shipborne electronic equipment. With such a solid foundation, the construction speed of the 075 is certainly not slow.

In addition to the technical strength, the surrounding situation is another major factor in the acceleration of the construction of amphibious assault ships in China. There are many neighboring islands in China, and there are many countries that have island disputes with China. In order to protect national sovereignty and marine resources, it is necessary for China to build an amphibious assault ship with strong sea-to-land combat capability to cope with possible island capture. Landing operations.

Compared with the United States, the speed of building amphibious assault ships in China is astonishing. The “America” amphibious assault ship with a displacement of 075 is three years from the start of construction to the launch of the water, and 075 will not exceed one year. According to the existing construction speed, the 075 amphibious assault ship first ship has a higher probability of launching in the near future. In addition, the parts suspected of the second ship segment are also present in the shipyard. If this year’s speed is maintained, China will complete two ships 075. Construction of an amphibious assault ship.

The carrier aircraft are the main combat weapons of amphibious assault ships. These carrier aircraft are mainly used for transporting personnel materials, reconnaissance and anti-submarine. At present, the US amphibious assault ship has used stealth fighters such as the F-35B, but the 075 amphibious assault ship can only use helicopters as the carrier aircraft for a long period of time, like most countries with amphibious assault ships. .

However, as the only country in the United States that has developed two stealth fighters, China has sufficient capacity to develop suitable stealth carrier aircraft. Once equipped with stealth fighters, the 075 amphibious assault ship can play the role of some aircraft carriers. In the case of a small number of aircraft carriers in China and high cost of aircraft carrier dispatch, the 075 amphibious assault ship equipped with stealth fighters can deter some of our oceans. The power of rights. In some small-scale battles, the 075 amphibious assault ship is capable of being alone. With its hundreds of soldiers and landing crafts, the 075 amphibious assault ship can also play the role of a landing ship.

Referring to the experience of the foreign military, when the 075 amphibious assault ship is launched, it will be carried out for one to two years before the sea test and the naval service. Therefore, China’s 075 amphibious assault ship will be served in 2021-2022. After the service of this class, China is likely to refer to the experience of the US Navy and other foreign troops, with the amphibious assault ship as the core, with the destroyer, to form a The fleet, which is conducive to the advantages of various types of ships, to facilitate coordinated operations, in addition, because the amphibious attack ship’s own air defense capability is poor, the destroyer can protect the amphibious attack ship well.

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