The Final Assembly Of The First Stage Engine Of Zhuke II Rocket Was Completed

The first stage engine of Zhuque-2 rocket is composed of four Tianque-80 ton liquid oxygen methane (TQ-12) engines in parallel, which can provide 268 tons of take-off thrust for the rocket.All single engines swing in one direction, the swing direction is tangential to the arrow body, and the swing Angle is ±8°, which can provide attitude control force in all directions for the rocket flight.

Through the preliminary development work, the TQ-12 engine has broken through various key technologies and entered the stage of reliability verification and mass production.

The overall layout and pipeline design of the four-engine engine follows the unified modular design idea, which divides the whole engine into four-engine modules and single-engine modules.Between the two modules, each connection interface can exist independently, not dependent on each other, can be assembled in parallel according to different production rhythm, improve the flexibility of production, is conducive to the mass production of later products, streamline production, to provide strong support for the future mass production of engines.At the same time, the modular design also enables the four-engine engine to have the ability to replace part of the product or even the whole single engine at each stage, which greatly improves the use and maintenance performance of the engine.

It is reported that with the completion of the assembly of the four-stage engine, all the engines needed for the first flight of Zhuque II rocket have been completed from the drawings to the real process.The engine will participate in the test run of the first stage power system to verify the performance of the engine.At present, the “magpie” engine family has a neat lineup, and a solid step forward toward the first flight of the rocket.

Zhuque-2 is China’s first medium commercial launch vehicle powered by liquid oxygen and methane.The total length of the arrow is 49.5 meters, the diameter of the arrow body is 3.35 meters, the take-off thrust is 268 tons, the take-off mass is 216 tons, and the low-earth orbit carrying capacity is 6 tons. It can cover all kinds of orbit launching capability through the core parallel connection.

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