The Drone Is About To Become The Next Blue Ocean Of The Micro-motor

According to the U.S. consumer electronics association, the total global consumer drone market in 2015 will total $6.4 billion, with revenue of $130 million and sales of 425,000 units, up 50 percent year on year. The association also predicts that the market for future drones will continue to rise, rising to $11.5 billion by 2024. By then, the share of the civilian drone market will increase to 14 per cent from the current 11 per cent, to $1.6 billion. About half of the drone brands in the U.S. this year came from China,and China’s drone products have been recognized by the market.

micro motor

Actually before unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for civil, China’s independent research and development of the micro motor has been successfully applied in aerospace engineering, when some people think that the industry will become the future military field related to micro motor is the most important market.

While the drone market is booming, there are also opportunities for development of the relevant industry chains. Therefore, in recent years, the market of UAV special motors with high reliability, high performance and long life has also been developed, and the sales growth of enterprises has been increasing rapidly.

Under the condition of the traditional motor adverse market situation, also in the rapidly expanding market, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) motor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has become a blue ocean under the premise, micro motor now, motor manufacturing enterprises in China should review their market positioning?

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