The Development Prospect And Influence Analysis Of Anti-UAV Technology

To provide an effective defense against the increasingly severe drone threat.

With the rapid development of military and civil drone technologies, especially the successful detection/attack integration of unmanned drones, the development of the “bee swarm” attack model, the use of conventional missiles and artillery missiles against the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of drones. The problem is getting more and more prominent. At present, all countries have stepped up their efforts to promote UAV defense strategies and promote the rapid development of anti-UAV technology and equipment. Compared with missiles, the use of electromagnetic interference and lasers and other means of anti-UAV has the advantages of rapidity, flexibility, and high cost-effectiveness, and has attracted the attention of various countries. Successful research and development of a batch of anti-UAV equipment, such as the United States and Europe, provided effective and low-cost measures to counter the possible threat of UAVs in the future.

Helps promote the development of security technology and cutting-edge technologies

In recent years, drone technology has spread rapidly and widely. There have been a large variety of remote-controlled helicopters and multi-rotor aircrafts that are easy to control. Frequent accidents involving UAVs have created challenges to security and security management. In the future, anti-UAV technology will certainly play an important role in the security field. In addition, the anti-UAV system is an emerging device that helps to promote the development of technologies in the areas of microsystems, electromagnetic spectrum, and directed energy.

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