The Black Fly Drone Was Killed By Seconds

On December 26, the 18th Shanghai International Public Security Products Expo and Shanghai International Police and Security Unmanned Systems Expo press conference was held in Yuehu Sculpture Park. The presentation by the organizers of the Anti-UAV defence system aroused the fervent attention of the people present. Live demonstrations of handheld UAV anti-aircraft and anti-UAV command vehicle, the use of electromagnetic signals sent to the illegal flight UAV signal interference. Through these anti-counterfeit devices, unmanned aerial vehicles can be promptly and effectively prohibited and dealt with.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

In the demo, just two seconds, the flashing red light of the UAV began to accelerate and blinked, turning it into a blinking yellow light, which meant that the UAV was already at a loss of signal and the repeater had succeeded It interfered.

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