The BDS Has Officially Entered A New Stage Of Global Service

Time and space make people reverie, the future is more likely.The 12th China Satellite Navigation Annual Conference opened in Nanchang on the morning of May 26.


With the theme of “Spatio-temporal Data Enabling the Future”, this annual conference aims to meet the requirements of The Times when China’s BDS has entered a new stage of development and the realistic needs of the BDS cause’s development in a new global era, and to plan a new development pattern of the digital system based on the new development concept.


At the opening ceremony, Yang Changfeng, chief designer of the BDS project, said that with the completion and operation of the BDS-3 global navigation satellite system, the BDS has entered a new stage of global service, and it is urgent for us to take the pulse of the trend and build on the past and the future.We should not only adhere to the development of Beidou, but also manage and use it well. We should actively explore new development concepts of positioning facilities and means construction, build future development goals with intelligent concepts, and open up a new development pattern of comprehensive application of positioning and navigation timing system.It is necessary to go deep into the theory of BDS intelligent operation and maintenance, grasp the characteristics and rules of intelligent operation service, apply new methods and technologies to improve intelligent operation and maintenance in practice, explore the value of domestic spatiotemporal data, continuously strengthen the system operation and management, and provide a strong guarantee for the first-class service of BDS.


He Yubin, chairman of the China Satellite Navigation Committee, briefed on the development of China’s Beidou-3 global navigation satellite system.He said that since the system was officially opened on July 31 last year, a management system with Chinese characteristics has been preliminarily established, and the measured results show that the system operates continuously and stably, ranking at the world’s advanced level.At the same time, by vigorously expanding the decimeter and centimeter-level positioning, feature services and popular applications, we will deepen the integrated development of Beidou and new technologies, and build a new industrial model and business form of “Beidou +” and “+ Beidou”.In 2020, the related gross domestic output value has exceeded 400 billion yuan, and the overseas application has been accelerated, and has been applied in more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

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