The Anti-drone Market Is Quickly Uprooted

Many people believe that many people are familiar with the UAV, the prevalence of aerial photography so many people are curious about the UAV, but most people may think that UAVs are professionals can use, and consumer UAVs in the market economy The development of civil personal UAV for personal users, its price is cheap, small size, easy to carry, complete model, without their own assembly, easy to operate, ideal for hobby electronic technology personal drone player, smart technology, Truly unmanned aerial vehicle and artificial intelligence combined, this technology innovation is good news for many electronic players, so consumer drones are very popular in the market, China’s consumer drones market has lived in The world’s leading position.

Anti-UAV defence system.jpeg

However, the development of consumer-level drone well-jet development nowadays, the shortcomings brought about by scientific and technological innovation gradually emerged, frequent unmanned aerial vehicles, frequent drone “black fly” events in many regions of the world, drones and more Time unauthorized invasion into the sensitive areas of the country, causing irreparable damage to the country and the public. The culprit in this series of unstable social stability and the threat to the safety of human life is the consumer-grade civilian UAV. So governments around the world have introduced relevant policies to strengthen the supervision of the UAV and crack down on UAV “black fly” incidents, but these measures still can only reduce the UAV “Black Fly” “indiscriminate flying” incident, can not be To fundamentally curb the “black fly” phenomenon of the UAVs, the government and relevant state departments still lacks an effective deterrent to illegal operation of UAVs.

“Anti-UAV” industry is rising among enterprises constantly innovate in technology research and development of high-level anti-UAV equipment, many countries at home and abroad are actively research and development related to the UAV device, the entire UAV Position tracking, detection, and resolutely combat UAV “black fly”, in order to maintain social stability and public safety of life to assume its own social responsibility.

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