The Accelerometer Combination Of 33 Institutes Of China Aerospace Science And Industry Research Institute Helps Fly To The Moon

Chang ‘e-4 lander and yutu 2 rover were working normally and completed mutual shooting with the support of “magpie bridge” relay star…It marks the complete success of chang ‘e-4 mission.So far, China’s lunar exploration project has achieved “five wars and five victories”.What is less known is that chang ‘e-4, flying with the jade rabbit to the moon, has such a key “combination” — high-precision accelerometer combination (hereinafter referred to as the combination), which undertakes the important mission of escort all the way, and makes new achievements in this mission with perfect performance.

The assembly installed on the chang ‘e-4 comes from 33 institutes of China aerospace science and industry research institute. The quartz flexible accelerometer, the core component of the device, is an artifact of great achievements. With the leading product performance in China, it has successively assisted the 11 flight missions of the shenzhou spacecraft and the flight missions of the chang ‘e-3.

In this flight mission, this combination is mainly responsible for three missions, which are used to measure the flight acceleration of the integrator in the three phases of earth-moon transfer orbit change control, lunar orbit maintenance control and power descent, so as to control the speed change of the integrator, and realize accurate orbit change control and smooth and accurate landing control.

Compared with the chang ‘e-3 composite “sister”, the product “sister” has a longer flight time in orbit. In order to provide close to 100% reliable performance for the chang ‘e-4 flight, the development team made a bold attempt and adopted a unique redundant design scheme.The complexity of this scheme once brought great challenges to the research and development work. However, with the technical accumulation of more than 50 years in the inertial technology field where 33 is located and the unremitting efforts of the research team, a series of innovative achievements have been applied one after another, making all kinds of problems solved.

In addition, as a pioneering research team, it is according to the need to break the unit interior has clear professional boundaries, as the core device accelerometer to build a “hybrid” version of matching circuit, allows multiple measurement unit from a large family “into” separation ChanGuo “, even if one out of the situation, also will not affect the other few, thus greatly improve the reliability.In addition, the research team also made a lot of pioneering work in appearance design, calibration method design and other aspects, making a product with great advantages in cost, volume, weight and power consumption finally become a reliable part of chang ‘e-4.

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