The 70th Anniversary Of The National Day Military Parade Is The Largest Of All Types Of Equipment

In the 70th anniversary of the National Day military parade, the equipment team covered the main warfare equipment of the various arms of the armed forces. The scale of the large and the most complete type of history, the new formations and the elements of the whole show the achievements of the strong army.

“The weaponry and equipment unveiled during the military parade is a concentrated expression of the latest achievements in national defense and army building. It shows the development level of the national defense science and technology industry and the tremendous changes in army building in the 70 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China.” Wang Ruicheng, deputy director of the Military Equipment Team Command Office, introduced this The military parade, the equipment team showed four distinct characteristics:

First, refer to the large number of weapons and equipment, showing the new weather of the great powers. The military parade compiled a total of 32 equipment teams, and referred to 580 sets of equipment. The scale and type of the whole were the highest in history.

Second, the proportion of equipment debuted for the first time is high, reflecting the new achievements of the science and technology. In this military parade, all the equipments under review are domestically produced main battle equipment. Numerous new types of equipment are widely read, and the proportion of equipment debuted for the first time is a concentrated display of the latest achievements of our military science and technology.

Third, the team module was compiled into a new group, highlighting the reform and reshaping new achievements. In the military parade, the equipment team is organized according to the combat system, and a total of seven modules, such as land operations, maritime operations, air defense and anti-missile, information operations, unmanned combat, post-installation support, and strategic strikes, are compiled. In terms of equipment configuration, etc., the reform of the military reform has resulted in a new system, a new structure, a new pattern, and a new look.

The fourth is to refer to the party’s military elements, reflecting the new capabilities of joint operations. This military parade, the equipment team is a joint display of multiple services. From the military, the army, navy, air force, rocket army, strategic support force, joint logistics support force and armed police force are concentrated on the same stage.

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