The 46th Beidou Satellite Successfully Launched

As we all know, for a country, satellite positioning system is very important. For this reason, China has only carried 2 billion yuan to join the research and development of the Galileo system. However, after the Western countries got 2 billion, they unilaterally tore the technology signed by both sides. Cooperation agreement, refused to join China. Since then, China has embarked on the road of independent research and development of navigation systems. After years of unremitting efforts, China’s self-developed Beidou system ranks among the four major navigation and positioning systems in the world.

Recently, the Chinese side also announced a great news: at the Xichang Launch Center, the 46th Beidou navigation satellite was successfully launched with the Long March 3B carrier rocket. It is worth mentioning that this is the twenty-first networking satellite of China’s Beidou No. 3 project. The previous positioning system may only cover the Asia-Pacific region. Today, 46 satellites can cover the whole world, which means China Beidou. Achieve global networking. In other words: the US GPS navigation system is no longer the only choice for everyone’s daily life.

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