The 35th Batch Of Naval Escort Formations Completed A New Batch Of Escort Missions

The 35th batch of escort formations of our navy completed a new batch of escort missions

Successfully escorted 4 foreign merchant ships including the “Innovation Road” to the intended sea area

Recently, the 35th batch of escort formations of the Chinese Navy successfully escorted 4 foreign merchant ships, including the “Innovation Road”, to a predetermined sea area and released them. The 1317th escort mission was successfully completed.

Affected by the monsoon, the Gulf of Aden is currently subject to heavy waves and poor visibility. In order to ensure that the escorted ship is foolproof, the formation has increased the deployment level, adopting the method of accompanying escort and regional escort, dispatched multiple helicopters for two consecutive days to strengthen the air patrol alert, and extended more than 100 nautical miles of escort based on the original plan based on the actual situation action. In this escort mission, the formation also organized special operations units to conduct anti-piracy training such as concealed attack, shipboard climbing, cabin search and so on.

The formation command post said that more and more foreign merchant ships actively sought escort from the Chinese navy. The merchant ships being protected were the Maltese “Adam Asnik” multi-purpose vessel, the Panamanian “Innovation Road” semi-submersible vessel and 2 Bahamian oil tankers.

“Thanks to the Chinese navy for escorting us all the way” “Simple words are not enough to express the gratitude in my heart” “Wish the escort officers and soldiers are in good health and all goes well”… Seeing the thank-you letter sent by the escorted ship via email We are proud: “Our dedication and hard work have been affirmed, and our escort actions have been welcomed. This is the best encouragement!”

It is reported that as of 12:00, July 2, local time, the Chinese naval escort formation has escorted 6,799 merchant ships, of which 3,543 are foreign ships.

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