Technology To Effectively Counter Drones

How to eliminate the harm caused by drones has become a new topic at home and abroad. Many domestic and international companies are deeply aware of the dangers of flying dark drones. Many companies have made breakthroughs in technological prevention and have also extended a new anti-drug industry. At present, there are several types of technologies that can effectively counter UAVs in China:

1, signal interference. One is to cut off the link between the drone and the remote controller by transmitting signal interference to the designated drone, and to use the transmission code of the original drone to seize control of the drone and make it new. The establishment of a new link between the remote control and the drone achieves the purpose of controlling the drone. Another way is to use a powerful power detector to directly suppress the signal emitted by the drone to make the remote control lose the signal of the drone. The lost drone can only be forced to drop or return. These interference signals include electronic signals, microwave signals, laser signals, and acoustic signals.

2. Violent destruction or use of drones to carry artificial nets to capture. At present, many domestic companies have produced violently destroyed drone sniper rifles, and many companies are committed to producing UAVs that carryanti-UAVs with artificial capture networks.

However, the current counter-measures for R&D and production enterprises in theanti-drone industry are basically countermeasures. In terms of remote monitoring and tracking, it is still a major difficulty in the anti-drone industry, and Ericco is committed to R&D, long-range discovery and tracking. The intelligent surveillance system of UAV realizes the purpose of “early detection and early crackdown”.

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