‘System Confrontation’ Tempers Haitian Eagle

According to the real-time accused information, Fu Yang, a brigade pilot of a naval aviation unit in the eastern theater, led a wingman to covertly penetrate at a low altitude and continue to fly toward the predetermined airspace. At this time, the early warning information came again, “enemy aircraft” hit at high speed… From day to night, the two sides launched a fierce competition under the guidance of the early warning aircraft.

“This time the confrontation gave a systemic operational advantage, and the air command post was indispensable.” Fu Yang said with emotion, with the support of the early warning aircraft, the opponent’s situation changed clearly. In the past, there was no early warning information support. Pilots had to spend a lot of energy observing changes in the enemy’s situation in the air.

Nowadays, similar system training has become the norm in this brigade. There are not only special-shaped aircraft mixed in combat against air combat, but also rival ship-to-sea combat at sea.

As a first-class pilot, Fu Yang’s flying skills are outstanding. But when talking about the new system training model, Fu Yang said: “In the past, pilots could “walk alone for thousands of miles” as long as they trained their personal skills to the extreme. Today’s training is a system-to-system, and it is difficult to achieve the expected results in singles alone.”

In one exercise, Fu Yang led the team to seriously study the performance of the opponent’s surface warship, and adopted means such as lowering the altitude and releasing interference to break through. The review summarized that multiple ships of the other party joined hands in networking and mixed use of multiple search modes, which gave full play to the operational advantages of the system.


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