Suzaku No. 2 Liquid Carrier Rocket Takes Further Flight

Private space companies once again made new breakthroughs in the field of medium-sized liquid launch vehicles and high-thrust liquid oxygen methane engine liquids. The Beijing Economic Development Zone has just disclosed that on the 13th, the Blue Arrow Aerospace Suzaku 2 rocket control system and the “Tianque” 80-ton liquid oxygen methane engine were successfully matched and successfully verified, and the third swing test ignition test was successfully completed with an ignition duration of 200 seconds.

The success of this test marked that the “Tianque” 80-ton liquid oxygen methane engine became the world’s first high-thrust liquid oxygen methane engine that was verified by the pump back swing technology.

In 2019, China’s first 80-ton liquid oxygen methane engine-“Tianque” (TQ-12) 20-second full system test run was successful. This is after the US SpaceX raptor engine and the blue-origin BE-4 engine. China’s commercial aerospace company Blue Arrow Aerospace completed the world’s third large-thrust liquid oxygen methane rocket engine test drive.

The Blue Arrow Space Rocket R & D engineer introduced that Suzaku 2 rocket is the first dual cryogenic liquid rocket in China that uses electromechanical servo technology. The launch vehicle control system achieves high-precision control through high-power electromechanical servo. “Tianque” 80-ton liquid oxygen methane engine adopts advanced pump back swing technology. Compared with the traditional pump front swing, the pump back swing can effectively reduce the size of the engine, reduce the weight of the engine structure, and reduce the swing torque.

This round of test run completed a variety of angles, frequencies and waveforms, verified the matching of the engine and the high-power electromechanical servo system, and obtained the static and dynamic performance characteristics of the engine and control system. A major milestone.

In the test, the engine completed a maximum angle swing of ± 8 °, the swing frequency covered 0-20Hz, and the sine wave, triangle wave and square wave swing tests were carried out. The test project covered various control needs of the Zhuque 2 carrier rocket flight Strict assessment was conducted and the large-scale joint swing test was successfully completed.

This test is an important breakthrough in the initial development stage of the Tiantian 80-ton liquid oxygen methane engine and the Zhuque-2 launch vehicle. Prior to this, Blue Arrow Aerospace has completed the relevant tests of the engine system test and long-range test.


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