Successfully Launched The 01 Group Of Environmental Disaster Reduction II Satellites

my country used the Long March 4B carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center to send the Environmental Disaster Mitigation Group 01 satellites into the predetermined orbit in a “one arrow and two stars” method, and the launch mission was successful.

The 01 group of satellites of Environmental Disaster Reduction II includes two 16-meter optical satellites, which have the characteristics of high maneuverability, high precision control, high stability, strong load adaptability and long life. After the satellite enters orbit, it will replace the overdue environmental and disaster monitoring and forecasting satellites A and B, which can serve a wide range of applications for land and resources, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, and earthquakes, and further meet the country’s continuous supply of data in related fields. .

The National Space Administration is responsible for the organization, implementation and management of the 01 group of environmental disaster reduction satellite projects. The emergency management department and the ecological environment department are the lead user departments. The satellite system and the launch vehicle system are respectively owned by the China Academy of Space Technology and Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute is responsible for the overall research and development.

This mission is the 348th launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets.


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